Police Mobil 2018-02

The brand new Police Mobil is about to be delivered. If your club's address has changed, quickly write the new address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. - [Read today]

The IPMC flag in Opole

The IPMC flag has moved on, from Latsch in Italy to Opole in Poland. Our Polish IPMC friends immediately got a transport case and a metal frame. Now the imposing flag "stands" until August 2019

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EM / EC Runs Lists 2018

Die offiziellen Listen zum 3. Lauf in der 8. Europameisterschaft der IPMC  ::  The official lists of the first run in the 8th European Championship of the IPMC

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Parcours und Fahrzeuge / Parcours and vehicles

In der Anlage die EM - Skizzen (Automobil und Motorrad) zum 3. Lauf der 8. IPMC Europameisterschaft 2016-2019.

Fahrzeuge: Automobil - Elektro Smart EQ  
Motorrad - BMW C Evolution Long Range

In the annex the EC sketches (automobile and motorcycle) for the 3rd run of the 8th IPMC European Championship 2016-2019.
Vehicles: Automotive - Elektro Smart E
Motorcycle - BMW C Evolution Long Range

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Pressestimmen 2018



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2018 Orientierung - wo ist was? где есть что? gdzie jest co?

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