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Review of the international police rallies IPMC - What is actually meant by this?

This question arises because each year meet under the emblem of the International Police Motor Corporation (IPMC) about a thousand people each in a different European city with an international rally. It is good to know that it is not to any group of these people, the unreal indulges in wishful thinking, but to people who are related to the police profession. There are police officers in the broadest sense, their family members and police motor-sports. The addition of police officers "in the broadest sense" is necessary because the police organization is not uniform in Europe and also the formal term differs from one another in the individual countries. The group naturally includes the Federal, but also the judicial police in Belgium, the various police forces of Italy, the customs officials of the European countries, the financial police and the military police or the military police. However, one thing they have in common: they are racers. The automobile plays a significant role in their meetings.

End of the twenties, a police officer in Hamburg - the later colonel of police, Richard Weber, - the idea that one could land through international meetings and bring people closer together, reduce resentment and achieve mutual understanding. For that time a bold idea. The emerging traffic - police officers drove their own cars already increased - almost demanded a sporty performance comparison out. The following are historical review very briefly the individual stations of the International Police Rally again - it should be a clue, and a reminder - no more!

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