Motor rallies

The International Police Motor Corporation (IPMC) organises annually the International Police Motor Rally. Each year, the motor rally takes place in a different European country and city and all those who enjoy police motor sports for example; Policemen/women, the Gendarmes, Customs Officials, the Judicial Branch, the National Guard, the Border Police, the Military Police, the Guardia Civil, the Carabinieri, and all executive officials from various countries, provinces, communities and members of the police sports organisations are warmly welcome to participate.

Originally, when founded in 1930, only executive officials who owned their own automobiles were allowed to take part at the police motor rally.

From 1936-1951, World War II thwarted the meeting of these European executive officials who owned their own automobiles and motorcycles. In 1952, the Austrian police had enough courage to organise the revival of the meeting which had been formerly been banned in 1934. 600 police from 6 nations drove under great strain to Salzburg and reminded the colleagues of the idea founded in Hamburg in 1930; that ideas, friendships, contacts, and the everyday life interest in the lives of the police and their families should be shared across all borders, if only to forget for a few short hours; in order to give fresh impetus.

If we look at the 60 international police motor rallies in nearly 80 years, we can see that usually around 1.000 executive officials and their families met together. By now one should, dear reader and dear colleague, have asked oneself - why haven't I joined in yet!?

A membership or members subscription, which is common in other organisations and clubs, is not required by the IPMC for taking part at a rally. The International Police Motor Corporation does not compete with other private police organisations. Often, the IPMC motor rallies are organised together with other police organisations. The IPMC is politically neutral and completely independent from other police organisations.

Get your announcement for the next meeting and join us with your family for the next IPMC motor rally! We would be more than happy to welcome you at the next police motor rally.

The chairman IPMC

And this comes next:

06.-10.09.2022: Veszprém - Balatonfüred / Hungary

2023: Warsawa / Poland

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