The intention of the IPMC with the donation of the Richard-Weber-challenge cup is to unify more and more befriended IPMC-members and their families. The annually returning Police Star Rallies should reproduce themselves through the cup always further and never come to a stop. As basis for drawing the cup by lots is the regulation "Regelung zur Verleihung des Richard Weber Wanderpokals“ from November 4th 2016.

This cup was donated by the "GdP Kreisgruppe Kassel" and "GdP Kreisgruppe Darmstadt".

At the end of each Police Star Rally there is a drawing and the winner gets the cup for one year. In 2015 the winner PSV Siegburg, Germany, repaired the wooden box.


 Activities around the Richard Weber cup. The Richard Weber pocket watch



Winners of Richard-Weber-Cup since 1992


Year City Club
1992 Budapest Leiden, Gemeente Politie
1993 Linz IPA Paderborn
1994 Ruhrgebiet IPA Cuxhaven
1995 Torun Kramatorks, IPA Ukraine Donezk
1996 München Traunkirchen, IPA Salzkammergut
1997 Tramin Polizei Automobilclub Dynamo Sochi
1998 Graz Kirov Viatka, APC
1999 Budapest PSV Bremen
2000 Leiden PSV Wien
2001 Sotchi ACM Dynamo Escort Moskau
2002 Bari PSV Gelsenkirchen
2003 Innsbruck Budapest
2004 Torun PSV Linz
2005 Kiew PSV Berlin
2006 Gelsenkirchen Dynamo Escort Moskau
2007 Erfurt PSV Linz
2008 Graz PMC Ukraine (Kiev)
2009 Danzig BRFK Budapest
2010 Debrecen PMC Ukraine (Kiev)
2011 Wladimir PMS IPA Düsseldorf
2013 Grudziadz MKMRP Lodz
2014   no Rally
2015 Hemer PSV Siegburg
2016 Lodz PMC Odessa
2017 Regensburg MSA der SV Polizei Hamburg von 1920 e.V.
2018 Latsch/Martell MKMRP Torun /PL
2019 Opol 1. PMSC Erfurt e.V. im ADAC
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